My name is Adam Dale Pearson. I started this website to share my love for Heavy Metal with the world.

For the last 30 years, Heavy Metal music and culture have been a religion to me; a source of power and inspiration, a therapy, a comfort, a catharsis, giving me aspirations for learning and growth, comprised of a fascinating world full of characters, images, ideas and opportunities, roles models and messages that have resounded with me so profoundly that I am dedicating this website to sharing and educating others its countless styles, agendas and the unlimited powers found within.

The sensory assault and majesty of the musical performances, the performers, musicianship and instrumentation, lyrics, song titles, album concepts and imagery, studio production techniques, and basically the entire world of the genre and music culture are so much more than just a medium for creative expression and entertainment and have the power to improve and even save lives.  It is the life force of millions of fervent supporters.

Due to the global importance of this music genre and lifestyle, Heavy Metal deserves to be properly elevated as an academic discipline for analysis, advocacy and higher education.

Without further ado, let’s share our passion for music and knowledge, and thank you for joining Heavy Metal Media Studies.



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